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Did you know?

There are no SNAKES in N.Z.
Did you know?

A.J. Hackett’s BUNGY was the first Bungy in the World.
Did you know?

There are 38 million SHEEP in N.Z. (approx)
Did you know?

CAMPING is the traditional summer holiday activity.
Did you know?

Auckland’s RANGITOTO ISLAND is the most recent Volcano in N.Z.
Did you know?

WATER is drinkable from the tap in N.Z.
Did you know?

A BACH is a beachside holiday house.
Did you know?

AOTEAROA is N.Z.'s Maori name which means 'Land of the long white cloud'.

Did you know?

Kiwis eat MARMITE and VEGEMITE on toast.
Did you know?

There are 4.5 million PEOPLE in N.Z.(approx).
Did you know?

The SOUTHERN ALPS is the youngest Alpine range in the world.
Did you know?

The KIWI is a flightless bird from N.Z. New Zealanders are also called Kiwis.

Why travel with CONNECTIONZ

The majority of the high schools in New Zealand do not encourage students to travel unsupervised.

For the school holidays (2 week break between terms) and the end of the academic semester July and November, CONNECTIONZ promotes supervised tours in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji. 

Some of the reasons to travel with CONNECTIONZ

  • Experienced and friendly multilingual guides with local know how
  • Quality accommodation in Motels/Lodges, not “backpackers”
  • Small groups
  • Connectionz students travel together 
  • Guaranteed fun and good deals for the activities
  • Itineraries are designed for young peoples interests
  • All transportation on board a luxury private coach
  • It is safer for the students to travel with supervision
  • Parents can reach their children easily while on tour
  • Special activity discounts for Connectionz students
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* Photographs provided by Tourism New Zealand

Glacier photography by Adenture Films.
Bungy photography by Tourism New Zealand.