STB Pacific

Did you know?

CAMPING is the traditional summer holiday activity.
Did you know?

There are no SNAKES in N.Z.
Did you know?

The SOUTHERN ALPS is the youngest Alpine range in the world.
Did you know?

There are 4.5 million PEOPLE in N.Z.(approx).
Did you know?

Auckland’s RANGITOTO ISLAND is the most recent Volcano in N.Z.
Did you know?

There are 38 million SHEEP in N.Z. (approx)
Did you know?

A.J. Hackett’s BUNGY was the first Bungy in the World.
Did you know?

WATER is drinkable from the tap in N.Z.
Did you know?

AOTEAROA is N.Z.'s Maori name which means 'Land of the long white cloud'.

Did you know?

Kiwis eat MARMITE and VEGEMITE on toast.
Did you know?

The KIWI is a flightless bird from N.Z. New Zealanders are also called Kiwis.
Did you know?

A BACH is a beachside holiday house.

Our Services

  • To assist the students to choose the most suitable institution and location to match their academic and personal interests
  • To provide the student with important information regarding the school, the country, the school rules and host families expectations prior to his arrival
  • To request and check the documentation provided by the schools necessary for the student visa process
  • To send the host family details to the student prior to departure
  • To inform the schools and host families about the student arrival and to make sure the student is expected  
  • To make sure the student has an appropriate health insurance to be covered as per the requirements on the Code of Practice  
  • To greet the student at the Auckland airport
  • To arrange a two-day orientation program on arrival that includes an overnight stay at a quality hotel, a city tour around Auckland and meetings with the Connectionz team to hear important suggestions to adapt better to the new life style  
  • To supervise the students’ progress keeping in regular contact with the schools representatives and host families
  • To provide a free help line 24/7, in Portuguese, Spanish and English to assist the students to solve any issues
  • To organize amazing trips during the holiday periods offering opportunities for the student to experience other New Zealand regions as well as other countries like Australia and Fiji.
  • To discuss and suggest to the parents any important action to be taken to help the student to adjust and benefit more from the program
  • To request from the schools the academic reports at the end of the term to keep the parents up to date with the student’s academic performance
  • To pass to the parents any important information that we find out related to the student’s welfare
  • To liaise between the schools, agents, host families and parents to find the best solution and/or viable action to solve any issue with the student
  • To contact the parents directly in the case of any emergencies
  • To take care of the process of obtaining the student final academic report and validating it according to the educational system requirements on their country  
  • Assistance at the airport with the students' departure back to their countries.

Important Note: The Connectionz coordination liaise between students, schools and homestay families to mak sure the student experiences a successful exchange programme.