STB Pacific

Did you know?

Auckland’s RANGITOTO ISLAND is the most recent Volcano in N.Z.
Did you know?

There are 38 million SHEEP in N.Z. (approx)
Did you know?

The SOUTHERN ALPS is the youngest Alpine range in the world.
Did you know?

A BACH is a beachside holiday house.
Did you know?

A.J. Hackett’s BUNGY was the first Bungy in the World.
Did you know?

CAMPING is the traditional summer holiday activity.
Did you know?

There are 4.5 million PEOPLE in N.Z.(approx).
Did you know?

Kiwis eat MARMITE and VEGEMITE on toast.
Did you know?

AOTEAROA is N.Z.'s Maori name which means 'Land of the long white cloud'.

Did you know?

There are no SNAKES in N.Z.
Did you know?

The KIWI is a flightless bird from N.Z. New Zealanders are also called Kiwis.
Did you know?

WATER is drinkable from the tap in N.Z.

Mount Aspiring College - Wanaka

The small size of the College is its major strength, with a supportive family atmosphere in which all individuals are recognised.  Class sizes are small. The College has achieved excellent academic results over the years and utilises the local environment in its comprehensive Outdoor Education Programme which includes snowboarding, skiing, hiking, rock climbing and kayaking.

  • Co-educational
  • Public
  • Approximate number of students:  708
  • From Year 7 to Year 13
  • Compulsory from Year 7 to 11
  • Uniform: approximate cost  $200 -- Compulsory for every year
  • Website address:

Close to:

  • Lake (5 mins walk)
  • Queenstown (1.5 hours drive)
  • Ski mountains (1 hour drive)
  • Beach (1.5 hours drive)

Other facility close to school:

  • Gym (10mins walk)
  • Swimming Pool (next door to school)
  • Dirt Park [Mountain Bike Park] (5 mins walk)
  • Shops (10 mins walk)
  • Skatepark (10 mins walk)
  • Town Hall (10 mins walk)